Best Choices of Travel Workout Equipment

Going out for a long trip? And can’t live without doing workout? And finding the right equipment to take with you for your trip? Well you are at right place than. Working out is the best habit one develop with time. It keeps you healthy and strong. The people who are over weight, for them workout and exercise are necessary, and with time working out becomes the daily habit of a person.  

Therefore even if they are going for a long holiday trip they prefer to take workout equipment with them, and thus they know what should be taken with them for a long holiday.

But still there are some who are new to workout and don’t want to miss even a day without workout, but they don’t know what equipment should they carry when going to travel.  Therefore we will be presenting you the Best Choices of Travel Workout Equipment that you can carry easily. 

What are the Best Choices of Travel Workout Equipment? 

Choosing the best equipment mainly depends upon your level of fitness and the space of your vehicle. Though some companies do provide portable equipment that are surely travel friendly.  

So starting with the workout equipment that is necessary and is easy to carry is:- 

1. Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mat is most important equipment to take with you and should be number 1 in your list. Specially for those who love doing yoga. As we all know that yoga had become one of the emerging exercise, now a days people prefer yoga than doing hard exercise. Because of yoga mats high demand these mats are coming in different styles.

Lightweight to heavyweight. But at the time of traveling you should take lightweight and easily portable yoga mat. Many companies have introduced light weight yoga mats that weigh less than 3 pounds. Let’s find some good yoga mats:-  

• YOGO travel mat– It has best folding design and it’s weight is about 2.1lbs and has a good rating of 5/5.  

• Mikkoa– It has towel like texture and is most beautiful yoga mat. It weighs about 2lbs and is foldable and has a good rating of 5/5. 

Manduka eKO superlite– It is sticky and compact and weighs about  2.2 lbs. It is foldable too and have a good rating of 4.5/5. 

• Jade Voyager– It’s best feature is that it is lightweight and thus have weight of 1.5lbs and is easily foldable. It has rating of 4/5. 

You can buy the yoga mats from nearby store and online too from Amazon too. 

2. TRX All in one suspension training system

The TRX all in one suspension training system is a simple set but still provides you with full body workout by only using few straps. And to your surprise it even weighs less than a yoga mat, it weighs about 1. 5 pound and thus it is easy to carry with you for traveling.

This training system comes with two different anchors that can be easily put on a tree branch, door, beam etc. Thus it is a great workout equipment.

This set comes with 5 items that are, a door anchor, a suspension anchor, a suspension training strap, a small travel pouch to carry it easily and a guide. The training straps will be mostly used for upper body workout though it is good to support and balance the feet for lower body workout. This training system is available online and you can buy it easily.  

3. Push up handles

Push up handles make it easier to perfect your form while doing push ups. The handles ensure that you are working all the muscles that should be done during the workout. It also reduce the joint strain and allow you to provide direct energy where you actually want to build muscle or tone up.

They are light weight if you pick up the right one. It also have non slip bases (if you pick the right one), they have rubber handles to get easy grip, though it may crack with time. Let’s discuss some good push up handles:-  

Perfect fitness pushup handles:- Well they are light weight and thus can be carried easily, they have non slip base and rubber handles for tight grip and you can buy them from Amazon.  

• Perfect fitness pushup stands:- It has non skid platform  and provide padded and flat grip for comfort. It is also available in Amazon.  

4. Jump ropes

Jumping rope or skipping rope, are one of the best workout equipment and is easy to carry and do not take too much place. Jumping or skipping are one the best cardio exercise that that improves the balance, coordination, endurance, and agility.

The best part of skipping is that you can do it any where and it does not need more place to do it you can absolutely do it anywhere, in room, and  nearby park too. Skipping is a full body workout from calves to biceps and triceps, back muscles, shoulder, chest, forearm, and abs too.

Try to buy a jumping rope that is strong and have jump count in it. Some of the best jumping rope in market are:-  

XYLsports jumpe rope- It is best overall. 

• DEGOL skipping rope- It is best affordable. 

• BeMaxx Jump rope- it is best for beginners. 

5. Resistance Bands

Now the next equipment that must be in your list is resistance band. As from past some years resistance bands have become more popular among the people and people do prefer them mostly while doing exercises. Fitness and health experts have also approved these resistance bands too.

If you buy a resistance band you will get a set of four or five bands each having different resistance levels. Some resistance band brands come with ankle straps too therefore you can have whole body workout. Some of the best resistance bands are as follows:-  

RenoJ resistance band set- It has non slippery strip and are affordable.  

Insonder resistance bands set- It comes with five resistance level and also have compact carrying bag. But they might slip on wet skin.  

BC strength glute loop package- it has durable knit design and has good grip non-slip strip. It is expensive and we can say that it is better for advance users. 

6. Ab wheel

The ab wheels are just made for them who are mostly in traveling as it is easy to carry with you because it is small and light weight. So we can say that it should also be in your go to list of equipments.

But remember don’t be fooled by its name of ab wheel as it is not just for the abs it can do more than it and is beneficial for your body. These ab wheels should be non-slippery. It works for core muscles. We have find some good ab wheel for you:- 

GOFIT SUPER ab wheel- It has extra wide wheel which adds stability. It has superior grip and also have light weight design.  

GYMSHARK ab wheel- It has quick assembly and is 

 perfect for pro users and even have padded handles.  

• VINSGUIR ab wheel- it has stability from wider wheel and even comes with a form mat. 

7. Hand Gripper

Want to have a great hand strength, well hand grippers are not just for the rehab people and weight lifters but is beneficial for everyone. And the best part is that it is small thus is travel friendly and you can take it with you to any place with you as it can fit in any carry bag.

Hand strength is very necessary specially for those who are in sports like lifting, golfing, rowing, baseball and climbing. The benefit of this hand grippers are that they reduces the pressure on the hands and wrist, that helps in strengthening your arms, shoulder, chest and core muscles. Some of the best hand grippers are:-  

Iron mind captains of crush hand grippers  

FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Kit 

• BBTO Finger Strengthener 

8. Mini foam rollers

Mini foam rollers are really a great equipment. Though it is not for workout but if you are sore and stiff for longer days it is no use of the workout and exercise, and that’s where these mini foam rollers will be beneficial. They triggers the small and large muscle groups and allows faster recovery. They are light weight and are travel friendly.

These rollers works magic for those who gets cramps and stiffness in muscles because of traveling. Though there are mainly bigger rollers in market because of the high demand that can occupy large space but if you shop around you will definitely find smaller ones that are portable.  

9. Strength exercise stability ball

The strength exercise stability balls can deflate completely and can support 2000 pounds. It is also available in different sizes. They are mainly used during crunches, planks and other classic ab exercises. You can buy them from market as well as online it’s available on Amazon.  

10. Fitness Tracker

You are continuously doing workouts and don’t know what it is doing to your body is it even doing or not. Well fitness trackers are most important and excellent tool to keep you motivated each day to do exercise and workout by tracking your activity and steps.

One more point of wearing a fitness tracker is that it monitor your heart rate, breathing, amount of calories burned and even the quality and quantity of sleep.  


While traveling in car how can I workout?  

Well, you can switch to hand grippers for hand strengthening. Or you can also stop the car and do some skipping or stretching exercise.  

Do resistance band actually work? 

Yes they do work when you are doing squats. They even come with different size. And are easy to carry.  So we have discussed 10 best equipment, but the main thing to make workout work is positive motivation. So be positive and work hard.  

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