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How Much Do Braces Hurt On A Scale 1-10?

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Gap between teeth? Well, best option to make your teeth correct is to go to your dentist and put braces. But the patients usually are afraid to put the braces because according to them putting braces means to much pain. But let us clear this, while putting braces you will not feel any pain. Though yes, you are going to feel it afterwards. But the pain will not remain for long time, it will get better after some days.

How Much Do Braces Hurt On A Scale 1-10

Mostly people don’t feel any pain after a week. But when you will go for tightening it may again cause pain but not that much we can say the pain will be around 5-7.

let’s calculate pain on scale

When the braces are placed on teeth it will cause 0-1 pain. Though you will feel a bit uncomfortable because of this new member between the teeth.

But according to most of the people their pain starts after 24 hours or maybe before too, and that pain starts from 7 and increase and can reach 8-10 too. Because of the braces, teeth will start to adjust and that will cause pain and chewing and pocking of tongue can cause more pain and uncomfortable feeling.

The pain may remain for several days or maybe for more. Though it may occur because of the chewing or poking of tongue but mostly the pain occur because of the inflammation in the mouth. The cause of the pain might be tightening the braces too.

Pain Scale Chart

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What to do if it is paining too much?

It is better to contact the dentist and he will prescribe you some pain relief medications. The best home remedy to get relief from the pain is to rinse your mouth with the salt-water, do it as if you are mouth washing or gargling.

It will help you in reducing the pain in mouth mainly in teeth, tongue and cheek and you will feel better. Eating and drinking cold items like ice-cream, or cold drinks will also give relief from pain. Soft wax given by orthodontics can also be helpful. Applying ice pack to the cheeks also gives relief.

The paining can be compared to the pain while removing the tooth. The mouth will feel tender and sore.

Though the pain can be too much for some people but it might be bearable for some too. They might not feel uncomfortable and strange and can get used to it within some days.

Some people starts to feel pain in less than 24 hours but some starts to feel it after 24 hours.

Now the question arises that how much it cause pain at first day? Well it totally depends, as for some people the pain itself starts from first day and for some it get little bit better.

The main cause of the pain can be using of traditional metal brackets that are more irritating than the ceramic ones. The other cause of the pain might be the tightening of the braces too. But it also depends upon your pain tolerance.

Do braces hurt while eating and talking?

While eating hard items it might be difficult and painful as you are not used to it that’s why you will be advised to eat soft and liquid items.

At first because of the uncomfortable feeling you will feel heavy in mouth like you are carrying something in mouth and it will result in difficulty in speaking but as days will pass you will get used to it, and will start to feel normal again.

However if your braces wire is sticking out and poking your cheeks it might pain more and you should directly contact your orthodontics.

Which braces hurt more upper or lower one?

Well the lower one hurt more as it will be poked by tongue more often. Not just this the chewing and talking also cause the pain in lower ones.

When to contact your orthodontics?

Mostly you have to see your orthodontics regularly for tightening your braces but if the wire looses or band pop off you must schedule an appointment with your orthodontics as soon as possible. If you are having too much pain that is unbearable you can again contact your orthodontics and they will give you advise to get relief from pain.

If you are thinking that you are going to feel pain when removing the braces then you are absolutely wrong, you will not feel any pain while removing the braces but you might feel uncomfortable and strange without the braces.

So you can feel free and calm and can go to your orthodontics to put the braces without any worry.

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