How To Fall Asleep Fast

Topic: How To Fall Asleep Fast: 10 Tips To Get the Best Night’s Sleep 

Sleep is very important for a person as when you are sleeping your body works to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. According to the studies the sleep is beneficial for children and teens as it helps in growth and development. It also seen that not taking enough amount of sleep can lead to chronic (long term) health issues or problems.  

When a person is not able to sleep they take medication to induce the sleep but as we know that medications are not good for health. There are some natural techniques also through which you can sleep fast, avoiding screens before sleep, reading before bed, doing exercises (light ones), and practicing meditation. 

Not being able to sleep can be frustrating and it’s consequences may lead to headache, eye pain, sleepy nature etc. next day. But don’t worry you can learn to fall asleep faster with the help of some tips. Every person is different thus everyone have different sleeping pattern so take some time to experiment with all the tips to find which one is best for you.  

How To Fall Asleep Fast

The people who are suffering from insomnia often thinks how to fall asleep when they lie down on bed. So when you are also having difficulty in sleeping you can try these tips. Some of them are short term and some are long term.  

Try to create a constant sleeping pattern

It is important to have a constant sleeping pattern, as many people go to sleep in different patterns that actually interfere with your sleep as it interrupt the body’s circadian rhythm. So what a circadian rhythm is? It is mainly the selection of behavioral, physical and mental changes that follows the 24-hour cycle. The primary function of this circadian rhythm is to determine weather the body is ready to sleep or not. According to the biological clock that releases hormones to induce the sleep, therefore going to bed at same time every night helps the body clock to predict when to sleep. 

Avoid napping

Try to avoid taking nap at day time, as taking nap at day time specially those, that last for more than 2 hours can also disrupt the circadian rhythm. According to one study, they found that the college students who napped at least three times per week and those who took nap for more than 2 hours had lower sleep quality than those who did not. It is true that after not able to take a good night sleep a person will switch to taking nap at day time. But try to avoid taking nap as it can affect a healthy sleep cycle. 

Do exercise at day time

Doing physical exercises has positive impact on sleep quality. According to 2017 meta analysis, 29 studies concluded that exercise may help in providing good quality of sleep and also may improve the sleeping pattern. Not just this one more study found that exercising for 50-60 minutes, 4-5 times a week for a period of 10-12 weeks can also improves primary insomnia (difficulty in falling asleep). But remember it will not be a good idea if you do exercise before sleeping as it may disrupt the sleep.  

Avoid using cellphone

Using mobile phones before going to bed might be deleterious to sleep. According to a study using phone or looking at mobile screen for more than 8 hours a day and for at least 30 minutes before going to bed can negatively affect your sleep and keeping the mobile phone near your pillow while sleeping has the same association with the poor or bad sleep quality.  

Reading a book and avoiding an e-book before bed

Reading books makes us relax and also help prevent anxious taught patterns that can interfere with a person’s sleep. According to a study in 2021, the people who read books before bed improved their sleep 8-22%, compared to the people who did not. But remember a person should not read a book that cause strong emotional response. Though reading a book is good and may help in sleeping but on other hand a person should never read e-books. As we know reading e-books have become popular among the people now. And though these e-books have black screen option at back but it still cause the problems. According to a study, a paper book and an e-book was given to a person to read and it was seen in the result that the person fall asleep faster when he read paper book than that of the e-book. It was also seen that they were more active in evening than in morning, therefore we can say that reading e-books can cause negative impact on a person.  


Meditation or mindfulness helps in reducing the anxiety which can be one of the reason you are not able to sleep. Using these techniques of meditation and mindfulness can help you in remaining calm and thus help you in falling asleep. One study shows that a person performing mindfulness meditation improves the sleep quality than those who did not. 

Changes in eating habits

What a person eat specially in dinner can have an impact on sleep. If a person takes heavy meal before sleeping it may impair a person’s ability to fall asleep. There are some of the food that can impact your sleep. According to some researchers eating refined carbohydrates may affect the sleeping quality and also trigger insomnia. And on other hand intake of healthy diet comprised of low glycemic index and avoiding processed food can have a positive impact on a person and also improves the sleeping pattern. Healthy diet includes, whole grains, nuts, low and non fat dairy, vegetables and fruits.  

Take a hot bath before sleep

Taking a hot bath or shower helps in muscle relaxing thus it may prepare a person’s body to sleep. It also help in increasing the body temperature or we can say it regulates the body temperature due to which you will get a good night sleep. According to a research bathing, 1-2 hour before bed for about 10-15 minutes can be helpful in sleeping.  

Avoid noisy environment

Trying to sleep and suddenly your neighbor starts to yell at each other, how does it feel? Frustrating right. Well  noise is distracting and also prevents from falling asleep and also lower the sleep quality. According to a 2016 study, sleeping in hospital is significantly worse because of the continuous noise than sleeping at home.  

Use a comfortable bed for sleep

Hard mattress and uncomfortable pillows also affect the sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation a person needs a comfortable and supportive mattress and pillow to have a good night sleep. Therefore investing on a good mattress and pillow also leads to the better sleep. 

There are other tips also that may help you in getting  good night sleep:-  

  1. Keeping lights off 
  2. Avoiding caffeine 
  3. Getting the room temperature right 
  4. Trying aromatherapy 
  5. Finding yourself a comfortable position 
  6. Listing music 
  7. Breathing exercises 
  8. Take melatonin

Sleep is very necessary for the body as well as mind so try to take 7-8 hours of sleep.  

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