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How to hide razor under tongue without risk?

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Hiding razor in mouth can be dangerous but yes people do hide the razor in mouth. And in mouth, the safest place where one can hide the razor is under the tongue, but still razor can not be hide fully as it can be harmful therefore it is cut into two and hide under the tongue as it’s only one side is sharp.

how to hide razor under tongue without any risk.

So to hide the razor you have to take a sharp blade most people use disposable ones as you can use and throw them easily.

Be sure that your blade is sharp and clean.

As you don’t want to have a blade with bacteria and you surely don’t want to put that bacterial blade in your mouth so be sure that your blade is clean and dry.

Now that you know what type of blade you need let’s talk about how to put it safely in your mouth.

  1. First, you will be needing a blade, tongue guard and a tampon.
  2. Cut the blade in two parts as only one side is sharp, put the blade in the tongue guard, and put the tampon in your mouth.

That’s it, it is safely secured in your mouth without harming you.

Now the question that arises is

How tongue guard protect from harming?

Well there are a lots of tongue guard in the market some are made up of soft rubber and some are made up of hard ones and

you can choose which you like. Just remember to put the blade in that tongue guard so that your mouth is safe from cutting.

Why to hide a razor under tongue?

Mostly we see in television and read in newspapers that prisoners hide these kinds of stuff but hiding razor can be beneficial too especially for self-defense as we know how women are getting sexually harassed so they can use this technique to safeguard themselves not just the women but the children or teenagers who are getting bullied can also use this technique to safeguard themselves.

You can also use this method of keeping razor under your tongue for self-control and meditation. Therefore we can say that razor under the tongue is not just for prisoners but for people who are harassed daily. Not just this you can use it as a tool for boosting up your confidence. You can also use it to feel the rush in adrenaline.

As it comes with the benefit it also has drawbacks too let’s discuss them now,

How can this method of hiding razor under tongue be harmful?

Well we already know that even one mistake can cause harm to your mouth. Therefore you have to practice a lot so that you can hide the razor under your tongue safely. And the people who are underage means under 18 should never I repeat never ever try it as it can be harmful. And the people who have bleeding disorder or are mentally ill or are under stress also should never do such

things. If you try to put the razor without any safety in your mouth it can cause many injuries to your mouth as blades are really very sharp.

Now you know all you needed to know about hiding the razor in your mouth so it’s totally upon you how you use this technique but remember if you are underage which means under 18 than sorry this technique is not for you. Don’t try to do this at home.

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