How To Start Using, I am Affirmations To Achieve What You Want.

Affirmations are basically the statements or signs that tells that something is true. There are positive as well as negative affirmations. And it totally depends on you where you keep yourself in negative or positive, what you tell yourself negative or positive statements.

The positive affirmations like “I can do it, I will do it, I am smart etc.” makes you achieve your goals and also brings the positivity in you. And on other hand the negative affirmations like “I can’t do it, I am worthless, I am tired etc.” leads to negativity in you.  

What are the positive affirmations and do these affirmations work? 

The affirmations are basically the positive statements that help you in challenge and overcome your negative thoughts. It is seen that when you repeat these affirmations and believe them you see positive changes in yourself.  

Some people think that these affirmations are unrealistic and are just wishful thinking. But let’s take this like, we do physical exercises to make our body strong, and these positive affirmations are also the exercise for the mind to make it strong.  

These positive affirmations keep you away from stress and negative thoughts and makes you strong mentally and you become confident in yourself.  

Let’s discuss 5 positive affirmations for your wellbeing:- 

  • I believe in myself, my dreams, and all that I am.  
  • I am enough. 
  • My life is full of abundance of goodness.  
  • My skin is healthy, glowing and deeply nourished.  
  • I am relaxed, and I overcome any challenges coming my way.  

How to use the affirmations? 

You can use these affirmations at any situation where you want to see positive changes taking place. It includes the time like:-  

  • During your conference, presentation or any important meetings. 
  • When you want to control your negative feelings like frustration, anger and stress.  
  • In improving your self esteem. 
  • Overcome bad habits. 
  • Improve your productivity. 

How to use affirmations correctly to positively change your life:-  

Fighting the negative affirmations:- Write down your negative affirmations and also write the positive affirmations to counter the negative affirmations. And whenever you will think about any negative affirmation look at those positive affirmations to counter the negative ones. And keep repeating it whenever you will think about any negative affirmation. You can make your own affirmations too, that will keep you positive and they will also be easier for you to remember.  

How to start using the positive affirmations to achieve what you want? 

Affirmations keep you positive and boost your confidence and mood, to do the things and to achieve your goals. But the main question is how to start using these affirmations? Let’s know how to start using these affirmations:- 

  1. Start with short affirmations:- Starting with short affirmations will give you more confidence especially at the time of anxiety and stress of exam, speech or any competition. The short  affirmations like, I can do it, I am the best, I will helps you in boosting the confidence.  
  1. Keep repeating the affirmations:- When you keep repeating the affirmations you become habitual to it and it brings positivity in you and also boost your mood.  
  1. Put your emotions behind your affirmations:- Don’t just think or say the affirmations. Feel it and you will keep your emotions like fear, stress and other negative thoughts behind the affirmations.  
  1. Try writing these affirmations:- It’s not important to keep it repeating you can also write it down like a journal and it will have the same effect.  
  1. Make these affirmations as your habit:- Making these affirmations your day to day habit will make it easy for you to remember the affirmations and will keep you positive all the time. When you have a habit of any thing you will not get embarrass by saying these affirmations.  

If you will follow these steps you will surely achieve your goal and will become more confident in your life.  

So keep yourself positive and keep repeating your affirmations as much as you can specially if you have low confidence and become tense or stressful real quick.  

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