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How To Respond To Grand Rising 8 Best ways

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What is Grand rising?

As soon as you wake up what you hear from your beloved family? Well it’s “Good Morning” of course. But…. Now good morning is old fashioned, people usually like to say “Grand Rising” now. Well let’s find what grand rising actually is? Or in other terms what is the meaning of grand rising?

Grand Rising is a glorious word, ‘Grand’ means magnificent and ‘Rising’ means to get up or to rise. So we can say that Grand Rising together means beautiful or magnificent rising. This word when used gives positivity in the air.

Why to say Grand Rising and not Good Morning?

When we say Good Morning it sounds like Good mourning which is a negative way of greeting. So it is better to say Grand Rising which sounds uplifting and make the next person feel great.

What is the meaning of grand rising?

Grand rising means magnificent rising but it has other meaning too we can say that when we greet others by saying grand rising it means that we are saying them to have a great rising. It also means that we are thankful to God for letting us rise one more day or letting us live one more day. So we can say that by greeting with grand rising we feel positive. So we can say that it is a spiritual affirmative.

Grand Rising and great rising are both same thing.

When to say Grand Rising?

Well Grand Rising is usually used in morning and one must say Grand Rising while greeting in the place of good morning that sounds negative. But you can say this greeting when you meet someone first time too.

Difference between grand rising and good morning

Both grand rising and good morning have same meaning and are used for greeting. But when we say good morning it sounds we are saying good mourning which is negative way. But while saying grand rising it feels magnificent and positive.

Let’s discuss more differences between them:

When saying grand rising we are thanking God for giving them one more day to live and to achieve something.

People often use this term to greet themselves too as it gives positivity to achieve your goals for new day, new sun rise, new ideas and everything new.

How to respond to Grand Rising?

Grand Rising is great rising and good morning too. So you can respond by saying grand rising itself or you can also say great rising or good morning too as it is the same thing.

  • Have a good day.
  • Hey, Love! Wishing You the Best for the Day Ahead!
  • Glad to See You This Morning
  • Indeed it is a good morning.
  • Good day to you.
  • Top of the Morning to You
  • It is a grand rising indeed.
  • Wake up, It’s Time to Hustle!

But it will look more great if you will respond with Grand Rising as it will show that you are greeting other person with positivity and good wishes.

if you learn about more, you can read Grand Rising Book by Lokeesha Jones.

Why is good morning considered negative way of getting?

Good morning when pronounced, sounds like good mourning which means good time of sadness because of a loss which is absolutely not a word and is negative specially who has lost his or her close one recently. And it will leave bad impression of you on others.

And on other hands grand rising sounds positive and uplift you.

Therefore one must say Grand Rising and not good morning.

This is true that it will be a little bit difficult in getting habitual in saying grand rising as we have a habit of saying good morning when someone meets us in the morning but to be positive and to uplift you or any other person we have to get used to grand rising and must greet others with grand rising.

Grand Rising is a glorious and positive word that uplifts one, so one should get used to grand rising.


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