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Hyla Aera Air purifier Review USA – 2023

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The new census says that the quality of indoor air has been decreasing tremendously. Due to indoor air pollutants such as dust, dirt, or gasses inside our homes or workplaces. That could be harmful to breathe in. Research shows that intake of poor-quality air can lead to many lung-related diseases. Due to that, the number of consumers increases every day for Air purifiers In the home and workplace. 

It created an increase in the demand for Air purifiers in the market. A wide variety of options are available for Air purifiers. Like HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) Air Purifiers, Central Air Cleaners, Carbon-Activated Air Purifiers, etc.

Hyla Aera Air purifier Review

Even though there is a wide variety available in the market. HYLA came up with an ecological and innovative idea for us because HYLA has a unique water bath filtration system. Where they only use water for filtration. Their concept is trapping dust, dirt and gaseous air from the air into the water.

The machine has a specially designed separator, which separates the air from water. After that, the machine forces only clean, water-washed air out. This air purifier makes sure there is a consistency in air and has an efficient filtration.

Hyla Aera Air purifier features

  • Origin – Hartmut and Filiz Gassmann are the importers of the HYLA ,in the United States since 1996
  • Pure power spectacular design 
  • Suction capacity:2.5 m³/min
  • Water binds the dirt and keeps it
  • Operates without paper filter
  • Integrated protective rubber edging 
  • Easy to move the air purifier, anywhere
  • Remove fine dust, gasses, allergens
  • Power 200 watt
  • Nothing blocks the flow of air 
  • The conventional filter, micro filters and electrically charged filters used in most air purifiers , allow small particles to pass right through the filter . And also sometimes the filters become clogged with the particles. Thus leading them to their poor performance. Therefore here comes the benefit of having a water-bath filtration system. They have a special design to separate the air from water. And make sure of consistency in air supply.
  • The filtered dust and dirt can be easily disposed of .
  • Filtration up to 99.9%
  • Offers a ecological and economic benefit
  • Considerable savings in electricity
  • Green , allergy friendly product 


HYLA AERA is the new product from HYLA. After seeking new ideas and solutions. They came up with new product with new features

  • A motor unit with LED lights 
  • Water pan
  • And the new product can be controlled by HYLA AERA App with your smartphone 

Hyla Aera Air purifier design and function

  • This comes with two command system
  1. Offline (traditional smart buttons)
  2. Online (smart command system through App)
  • The HYLA AERA comes with a HYLA FRAGRANCE. To bring a clean and fragrant odor to our rooms.

Hyla Aera Air purifier technical details

  • Supply voltage:220-240 V AC, 50-60 HZ
  • Power: 13 W
  • Noise ≤ 45 db
  • Rotational speed: 2.500 rpm
  • Weight: 1.150 g
  • Max water capacity: 2.4l
  • Dimensions: 20cm×21cm×23 cm


The mechanical Engineer Doro Erjavec’s wife suffers from house dust allergy which used to get worse after each house cleaning. When the idea was created ,they didn’t drop it there. After many experiments and tests ,the first product was released in 1992 . And from here a new history was created, because now this product is globally successful in more than 70 countries.

Hartmut Gassmann and Filiz Gassmann

The product was imported into the USA by Hartmut Gassmann and Filiz Gassmann. Within two years the company found success and now they have more than 40 offices nationwide. Now HYLA is a successful brand for  Air and Room Cleaning systems. Their unique water based filtration technique has been positively accepted by many around the globe .

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