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Is Fiji Water Good? – PH value, Advantage and disadvantage

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If we talk about Water, We think that every drinkable water is same or, the taste of water get changed because of a different place, but this is not how we think, It’s because of the chemicals like – Magnesium, Calcium and many more chemicals that need to make a perfect H2O.

The pH level of water is also one of the examples that changed the Water taste. Like – If the value pH level is low then the taste of water can be Sour Or If the value of pH level is high then the taste of water can be like baking soda.

The pH Scale

What is Fiji Water?

Fiji Water was founded by the Canadian businessman David Gilmour under the name Natural Waters of Viti Ltd. in 1996. Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s Roll Global acquired Fiji Water from Gilmour in 2004 for a reported US$50 million.

David Gilmour

Fiji water is Well known name among the brands of Water. This water is so expensive that most of the people who buy this water are from high class society. Fiji exports water to countries like New Zealand, United States, India and so on.

Most of the resorts like to serve the customers Fiji Water as the taste of the water is soft and smooth and the customers like the taste as the water doesn’t taste bad, it suits the taste of customers as they don’t like the water of the place.

Fiji Water Website :-

What is so special about Fiji water?

As we talk about Fiji water. The question that come in our mind will be – What is so special or different about Fiji Water?

So, The thing is that Fiji water comes from The Fiji Island, artesian aquifer (Viti levu) and the water comes from the natural resources of the island. The unique thing is that the bottle of Fiji Water is square shaped and the amount of electrolytes are double than the amount of the two top premium water brands. 

Fiji Water is different because it comes from the tropical rain water and when the rain water slowly gets purified through the volcanic rocks that contains a natural and a large number of electrolytes and minerals that helps the water to be healthy and makes the taste of the water different from the other H2O brands.

Fiji Islands

Is Fiji water good for your pH balance

The value of pH level in Fiji Water is 7.7 which is perfectly balanced and is the sign of purified water.

Health Benefits of Fiji Water

  • Fiji water contains the essential minerals that a human body needs, Like – Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium. These minerals are important for humans and as they help us to keep healthy and to maintain our body.
  • Fiji Water also contains natural electrolytes that are important for body balance. 
  • The value of pH level in Fiji Water is 7.7 which is perfectly balanced and is the sign of purified water.
  • This Water can help to prevent Dehydration.
  • Fiji Water contains Silica, an important mineral that helps to strengthen bones, hairs, skin and nails.
  • Fiji Artscian is good for the people who are suffering from Kidney stones and Urinary tract infection, the water is said to be beneficial in removing these elements.

Disadvantage of Drinking Fiji Water

The disadvantage of drinking Fiji water is that the amount of Arsenic is higher than the safe level of Arsenic is needed for the human body. 6.31mcg (micrograms) of Arsenic per litre in the Fiji bottle was found by the Cleveland Authorities.

Arsenic is a chemical element that can naturally be found in air, water and soil. But the disadvantage of Arsenic is that it can cause lung cancer, skin cancer or maybe the cause of other Cancers.

Fiji Water is good to drink by its own taps, because the amount of Arsenic is 0 in its own tap water.

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