You are currently viewing Kris Fade Net Worth in 2023. How Rich is He Now?

Kris Fade Net Worth in 2023. How Rich is He Now?

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Kris Fade is an American-Lebanese radio presenter, Host, and a musician. He is also the star of his own Breakfast Radio show which is known as “The Kris Fade Show”. His show is shown on 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai and the KIIS Network in Australia. The reality television show Dubai Bling (2022), in this show Fade is also a cast member. This is the first show based out of Dubai.

Kris Fade Net Worth in 2023.

The famous Australian-Lebanese radio presenter, host, and musician has an estimated net worth of around $5 Million dollars.

Kris Fade Career

Kris is a well-known radio personality based in Dubai. It’s over 20 years that Kris has been entertaining audiences on the airwaves and is known for his engaging personality.

The Kris Fade Show

In Australia before moving to the UAE in 2007, Kris started his career in radio. It didn’t take long for him to become famous and quickly became a fan favourite on the local radio scene, and now his show on Virgin Radio Dubai has consistently been one of the high-rated programs in the region.

Not only working in Radio, Kris has also been involved in a number of other ventures. He has hosted different TV shows, including the popular reality show The Kris Fade Show and has also appeared in a number of films and commercials.

While being on a busy schedule, Kris is also known as a dedicated philanthropist and is involved in several charitable organizations. He has been well known for his work in this area and has received many awards and honors for his contributions to the community.

About Kris Fade Show

The Kris Fade Show is hosted by Kris Fade, and teaming up with the gossip queen Priti Malik, and funny man Big Rossi – their breakfast show has set the status of the most entertaining and fun way to start audience day, the show aired on weekdays from 6-10 am.

 Getting so many awards and public love for their exclusive celebrity appearances, big contests and even bigger prizes, the audience can always bet on winning large amounts of cash, and also inducing holidays and tickets to the hottest events in the UAE and around the world.

How old is Kris Fade and how many people are there in his family?

He was born on 27 February in the year of 1980, Sydney, Australia. On today’s date he is 43 years old.

Kris Fade's Family

Kris Fade’s parents George and Gilda Fahd are both from Lebanon and have shifted to Australia prior to having children.

Fade is married to Brianna Ramirez Fade. Their wedding was shown on the Netflix reality show, Dubai Bling. Fade has two children.

And His brother Matty Fahd. His brother is featured on the Australian version of British observational reality show Gogglebox, which premiered on Foxtel and Network 10.

The Team of the Show

  1. Kris Fade
Kris Fade

He’s the UAE’s well known biggest personality and keeps up giving us a Happy smile every morning.

  1. Priti Malik
Priti Malik

This one is always well known when it comes to the world of gossip. And the one who always brings a sense of reason to the show.

  1. Big Rossi
Big Rossi

He’s a funny man, he’s forgetful and his attention span is smaller than anyone else in Dubai.

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