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7 Natural Health Remedies backed by Science

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Whenever you are ill your mother becomes your doctor and she cures your illness with her remedies. Some people says why try these remedies when you can approach to your doctor who has a degree in them? Well now, these remedies are also approved by science too. So I am telling about natural health remedies backed by science.

Science has been researching these remedies for a long time which are mainly based on plants and herbs. They have been researching how these herbs and plants help during any illness.

7 Natural Health remedies that are backed by Science


Coming from the ginger family of Zingiberaceae is mainly used in food, but it also have some other uses too. Let’s know more about them.

In India, turmeric is used for a long period of time as a part of ayurvedic medicine. It is traditionally used for skin, upper respiratory tract, joints and digestive system too, not just turmeric also treats pain caused by inflammation and studies have proved this. Taking of turmeric with milk can be more beneficial for health.


Ginger is itself a medicine that is mostly used during sore throat, cold, nausea, and headache too. It work as a great pain reliever than that of other medicines. It has antioxidants in it that interact with the acidity between the fluids in joints. It also have an anti-inflammatory effect too.

You can try taking ginger through tea or kadha (Indian tea with lots of herbs like clove, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, etc. In it). Pour 1 cup of water and put 1 tablespoon tea leaves and ginger (grate) with honey or sugar and let it boil then pour ½ cup of milk in it and your ginger milk tea is ready.

To make kadha, put one cup of water in a pot and let it boil for 2 minutes then put clove, ginger, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon etc. In it and let it boil till it becomes dark brown in color.


Eucalyptus oil is mainly beneficial for pain as it consists of a component called 1,8-cineole. For the people who mainly go for inhaling remedies, eucalyptus oil will work as magic for them as it’s not only pain reliever but is also natural too.

But inhaling eucalyptus oil is harmful for those who have asthma, or who are allergic and infants too. You can even make eucalyptus oil at home, take some fresh eucalyptus and crush or cut them in small pieces now put them in a jar and in same jar pour some olive oil and let it mix thoroughly, longer you will keep it for mixing more stronger it will be.


Lavender is just not a beautiful flower with good smell but can be used as a medicine. Studies show that inhaling lavender can help with migraine, anxiety, stress, and memory trouble too. Drinking lavender tea also provides benefits to your health. To make a

lavender tea, take a pot and fill it with one cup of water and let it boil for 2-3 minutes now put some fresh lavender buds into the boiling water and turn the heat off, enjoy the tea.


Mint is one of the magical herbs that is used by people in different ways. Some people like to eat it raw and some in tea, on other hand some even put it in food.

It has lots of benefits it not only give relief from headache, cold or other body discomfort but also treats muscle pain and digestion. According to the studies it help in reducing spasms, diarrhea and abnormal pain.


This spice is usually used in cooking in te Mediterranean and Asia but it also have many medical uses too. When it is put in tea it helps in the milk production during breastfeeding.

The people who are suffering from diarrhea fenugreek is a great water-soluble fiber. For people having diabetes, fenugreek is magical herb for them as it has been found to lower blood sugar. It also helps in insulin function because of the high fiber. But a person with constipation must avoid this spice.

Chili peppers

Chili peppers are mainly used in folk medicines thus has been accepted outside homeopathy too. It also helps in muscle pain and soreness as well.

Frequently asked questions

Can we put mint in our tea?

Yes, you can. Even you can add some lemon juice in it. As it will become even more healthy for you.

Can we put turmeric in milk? Is it healthy?

Absolutely yes. Putting turmeric in milk is very healthy for the bones and for the skin too.


Therefore we can say that these natural remedies are approved by science and before it, it was approved by our ancestors. We can conclude that nature is really a miracle that can make us as well treat as.

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