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Stacy Arthur Cause of Death, Age, Instagram, Facebook, Wiki

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Stacy Leigh Arthur was born on June 4, 1968 in Naperville, Illinois. She was very determined to chase her dreams, her family encouraged her, and she soon started taking steps in the modelling industry. After participating in a few pageants and working as a model for some time, She entered the Mrs. Ohio contest in 1990, When she was a mother and was already married to James Arthur. He was a supportive partner for her and always encouraged her dreams.

Then she was chosen as the Playboy magazine’s of the Month for January 1991. Stacy Arthur started working with ‘Playboy’ and became one of their Playmates. In Playboy people could talk to her on the magazine’s 900 telephone line.

James Lindberg cause of Death

James Lindberg

James Lindberg, For Stacy he was just like the normal admirer she got because of her work, But reality was different Lindberg seemed to be obsessed with Stacy, she mentioned that he always honored her and wished her husband the very best. 

Moreover, he would often send the former ‘Playboy’ model gifts for her and her children. But, Stacy did not think much of it as she took him as an admirer and took these things lightly as she thought he was doing it just as an admirer does. The sad thing is this, things suddenly turned upside down.

On October 29, 1991. The previous day, Stacy got to know that her husband, James Alan Arthur had met Lindberg in their hometown of Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Lindberg gave James a gift for his wife, and there was nothing that seemed weird. However, the next day, he goes to Stacy’s apartment and seems in a hurry to meet her husband. As James stepped out of the apartment and started to leave in his car, Lindberg shot him twice at close range.

He fled to a nearby parking lot, he shot her husband twice more in the back when he tried to escape to a nearby parking lot.

Unfortunately, James had already passed away by the time police arrived, while Lindberg was found in the parking lot with a gunshot wound in his head. He shot himself; He was still alive when officers reached him but died later that night in a hospital.

Stacy Arthur cause of death

Stacy Arthur believed that her line of work wasn’t responsible for the tragedy that happened to her, But she expected ‘Playboy’ to take some steps for the safety of their workers, but they didn’t do anything and was very disappointed.

In 1992, she appeared in many TV shows where she claimed she was raped by three staff members at the Playboy Mansion in October 1991. 

She filed a $70 million lawsuit against ‘Playboy’, as well as two security guards and a butler who worked at the mansion.

But ‘Playboy’ cut all ties with Stacy. Despite all three staff members claiming that it was at her will. So, the magazine reportedly fired them for doing sex at work hours. After the tragedy and the lawsuit against ‘Playboy’, Stacy lived a private life.

The age of Stacy Arthur when she died

With the current reports we got to know that Stacy Arthur was 50 years old when she died. She died in 2019 after an illness.

Stacy Arthur

Stacy Arthur Instagram and Facebook

There is nothing information about her Instagram or Facebook profile. So, it can be like this that she doesn’t use Instagram and Facebook.

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