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What is Google BARD AI, Launch Data, URL, How it works and More details

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Today we are surrounded by AI technologies. There are so many AI tools that are released on the internet nowadays like for example one of the most famous AI tools right now is Chat GPT. Taking about Google bard AI it is a chatbot kind of like similar to Chat GPT, it can interpret written text and generate responses according to it. It uses LaMDA technology and it can work on Mobile, tablets and desktop. And the most important thing it is free of cost so the users all across the globe can effectively use the features of BARD for completely free as for now.

What’s the full form of Google BARD AI?

Google Bard AI is launched on the March of 21st,2023 but it was available to users on the May of 10th, 2023. This is available to users of more than 180 countries all across the globe.

What’s the URL of Google BARD AI?

How it works?

Google BARD AI works on the algorithm of LaMDA. Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications System is the full form of LaMDA.

You can start using google BARD by clicking on the above link. It will open a website which will ask for login or signup details. You can login or signup without any second doubt as the link I have provided above is from the official website. 

Google BARD

As soon as you login or signup there it will open chatbot just like Chat GPT. Then you can start writing your queries or whatever doubt you have, weather you want to ask for any suggestion or you want to do research on any topic. Then after writing in text format BARD will generate a response according to the text or query you have asked and if you are not satisfied with the response, you can always ask again it will generate difference response according to your need. You just need to ask the chatbot properly in order for him to interpret the question correctly and then give response correctly according to your need.

What’s the difference between Bard AI and Chat GPT:

  • Google BARD is launched by google and Chat GPT is launched by Microsoft.
  • One of the main differences between Google Bard AI and Chat GPT is that google bard can provide latest information whereas in Chat GPT it has information till September, 2021
  • Google bard can access information from GOOGLE website that’s why it is up to date whereas Chat GPT gets its data from Microsoft and it’s not up to date.
Chat GPT Interface

What’s the common features between BARD AI and Chat GPT:-

Google BARD AI and Chat GPT
  • Both models provide human-like text-based responses.
  • Both models are trained by providing them large datasets in order for the model to learn from the knowledge and patterns between words, phrases and sentences.
  • Both models are a well known example of how the field of Artificial Intelligence has grown through the years.

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