How old would Jesus be today?

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Well, it is a hypothetical question as Jesus is not just any ordinary person for whom we can calculate its age, he is a GOD. And as a simple practical answer we can say that his age can’t be calculated as he is eternal and it’s not easy to find out his age. He is beyond humans. 

But here in this blog we will find his real age if he were alive today.

How old would Jesus be today?

It is believed and said that Jesus was born between the time period of 6 BC and 4 BC and died around the time period of 30 AD to 33 AD. From this data we can calculate that if he was alive today, he might be somewhere around 2022 years to 2025 years old. 

Is Jesus 2,000 years old?

There are two possible answers about his age. He can be 2000 years old or he can be ageless. I believe in both the possibilities. If we calculate his age according to the humans, he will surely be above 2000 years. But as we all know Jesus is God, he is eternal and exists outside the time and space, so he might experience aging process different from humans which makes him ageless.

This might seem a little confusing to you. But believe me it is beyond our thinking capacity to understand the divine God. We can just make guesses with the data provided to us nothing more. 

Additional Information:

Jesus’ birthday that I have provided above is not accurate so it might be the case that his age slightly differs from 2000 years. It can be slightly more or it can be slightly less than 2000 years.

It is also said that Jesus age kept changing that is because he is always evolving and growing. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what age Jesus is. What matters is that he died for our sins and also offers us salvation. So rather than focusing on his age we should focus on the gift of salvation he provided us.

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