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Tina Turner, Rock and Roll Icon, Dead at 83

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Tina Turner a legendary American Musician also known as the Queen of Rock and roll died at the age of 83. She died on 24th May in Switzerland at her home in Kusnacht near Zurich.

She has been suffering from several health issues during these past years; this is one of the main reasons for her death. Well, the real reason has not yet been revealed but her publicist stated that she died of a long illness.

What illness has she suffered from?

She has been very vocal about her health issues to the public. Here is the list of some health issues she has suffered from.

  • Stroke: –

She suffered from a stroke on October 2013. Her second husband Erwin Bach and her doctor took her to the hospital. Where she discovered that she isn’t able to stand by her own. She also stated in an interview that after this stroke the rehabilitation process was not easy.

Tina Turner Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure:-

Tuna Turner also diagnosed from high blood pressure in 1978. She said her mother and sister also suffered from this that’s why she wasn’t worried about this. As she was quite aware this was just genetics.

  • Kidney Failure:-

One of the reasons for her kidney failure was because of her high blood pressure problem. She stated in an interview that in 1985 she took a pill for blood pressure but otherwise she learned to live with high blood pressure but not so soon her body start reacting towards this which further lead to kidney failure and also start damaging her heart.

Later after check-up she found that 65% of her kidney was damaged and only 35% works properly. The only solution for this was kidney transplant. The Kidney transplant operation held on April 2017 and the donor was her second husband Erwin Bach.

Tina Turner Sufferings
  • Intestinal Cancer:-

She was also diagnosed with intestinal cancer in January 2016. She said that she had suffered from diarrhoea for months then she had it checked it was found was fond that she has been suffering from intestinal cancer of early stage. It wasn’t clear till now that if she was cured of cancer fully or not.

Her son Ronnie Turner also diagnosed with similar kind of cancer more specific it was metastatic colon carcinoma. Most people with this type of cancer have often come from genetics. Her son also died at the age of 63 from disease only.

  • Mental Health:-

In addition to all the above health issues she also suffered from mental health. She also admitted that she had thoughts of suicide when she was with Ike Turner.

If you want to know more about her life you can watch her documentary film named “Tina” which was released on 2021.

May her soul rest in peace <3……

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