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Marshmello Face Reveal: Who is Marshmello? The real face behind the mask revealed

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The craze for EDM (electronic dance music) was really intense between 2015-2017. People were completely immersed in the music during that time. One of the biggest names was Marshmello and it seemed like everyone had his songs in their playlists.

His signature helmet that resembled a cute and chunky marshmallow was definitely eye catching and added to his overall persona but what intrigued everyone the most was the curiosity of who was behind the mask. It was a mystery that lasted quite a while, but we are here to uncover it for you.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the reveal of Marshmello’s true identity and who he actually might be under the mask 

Marshmello’s Career

To give a quick rundown of his career Marshmello’s career began in 2015 when he released his debut track “WaVeZ” on his SoundCloud account

The popularity of EDM continued to rise along with Marshmello’s fame.

He started collaborating with multiple famous artists, touring the world for concerts and making millions, his fame soared further and peaked in 2016 with the release of his soundtrack ‘Alone’. Despite his success he always kept his true identity a secret which started speculations among fans.

There have been several fake reveals regarding Marshmello’s identity over the years which were meant to troll fans. One such amusing incident occurred during an awards show where fans were left in awe when Shawn Mendes revealed himself as Marshmello. People were surprised to find out the Canadian singer is also the DJ but it was later revealed that the reveal was fake and the mystery regarding Marshmello’s identity continued.

However let’s quickly cover who he actually might be:

Who is Marshmello under the mask?

Christopher Comstock

Christopher Comstock who also known as Dotcom has been rumoured to be Marshmello.

He is an American DJ and music producer. Christopher was born on May 19,1992 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and started producing EDM in 2012.

Here are some incidents with the proof of his identity

The biggest give away was the 2015 interview with Katie Couric for Yahoo! Skrillex’s phone rang in the middle of the interview and the caller’s name was Chris to which Skrillex replied “oh, Marshmello” Skrillex then put the call on speaker revealing that it was indeed Marshmallow.

Another evidence that added to the speculation about Marshmello’s true identity was a video Skrillex posted on Instagram celebrating Marshmello’s birthday which happens to fall on the same day as Christopher Comstock’s birthday. This coincidence led many fans to believe that Comstock and Marshmello are the same person.

Fans also discovered that Christopher Comstock’s username on various social media platforms was verified. Other cleveribities such Selena has also hinted at the possibility of reveal.

All these rumors and evidence has only strengthened the speculation among fans who were eager to know the true identity of Marshmello.

But why doesn’t he reveal himself?

Marshmello aka Christopher Cromstock has already stated many times his focus has always been on connecting with his fans through his music. In a tweet from 2017 he stated “I don’t want or need fame”.

Apart from that, Marshmello’s helmet has also become an important part of his brand and marketing strategy. If he were to remove it now the mystery surrounding his identity would be lifted and the excitement and anticipation towards him and his music might take a hit because he uses his headgear as a marketing tool to keep his brand image and to promote his music.

Marshmello Exclusives

The speculation around Christopher Comstock being the man behind the marshmello mask was made stronger when Forbes confirmed his identity in 2017 when he was reported as one of the highest paid DJs in the world.

Even with all the evidence pointing towards Christopher Cromstock being the man behind the mask Marshmello himself has never officially confirmed it. But at the same time he hasn’t denied it either. It’s probably because his marketing strategy relies on keeping this mystery alive and ambiguous.

Marshmello & Christopher Cromstock

To sum it up, we have some strong clues about Christopher cromstock hiding under the marshmello mask but even though Fans have been eagerly waiting for a big reveal, since he hasn’t confirmed it we can’t say for sure and it doesn’t seem like the reveal is going to happen anytime soon either due to his marketing strategies.

Hope you liked this article about Marshmello’s identity reveal, thank you for reading.

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